Fibre Cement Products

At Dumpers we will accept fibre cement products in our general and bathroom renovation skip bins if it has printed on it that it is free from asbestos. If the fibre cement cannot be positively identified to be free from asbestos, the product will need to be tested to ascertain its material content.

We recommend INSPECTOS SERVICES to carry out this service and to provide a laboratory report on the product that you need to dispose of. We do this not just for the safety of our employees and all the other workers in the waste management chain but for you the unsuspecting homeowner or tradesperson that could be unwittingly exposing yourself to asbestos fibres. If in doubt get it tested or treat it as asbestos.

It is strongly recommended that you inform yourself about asbestos prior to doing any demolition work. You can find information about identifying and dealing with household asbestos on the NSW EPA website.

If Asbestos is discovered in a skip bin, the contents of that bin are classified as contaminated by asbestos and the contents of the skip bin will need to be transported to an approved facility for the disposal. The cost of this will be payable by the customer that hired the skip bin.